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Services & Benefits

TSS Stands For

  • A well trained, smart & best uniformed security force.
  • Karate Trained Guards for Protection.
  • State of the art electronic Security Equipments.
  • A Bench Mark Security Services managed by professionals in the field.
  • Quality, Cost   Customer delight, are the concern of TSS.

TSS Guards are avaliable to look after your interests in.

  • Prevention of theft / damage to property.
  • Personnel protection.
  • Infringement of copyright act.
  • Detective / Enquiry cases.
  • Maintenance of employes discipline,
  • Prevention of ospionage/ sabotage.
  • Cash escorts / ATM Guards.
  • Karate trained escorts.
  • Use of latest security electronics for protection.
  • Liaison with police / Govt agencies.
  • Trained security Dog Squads for protection.
  • Security Standing order / Contingency planning.

Your Benefits

  • 1. TSS Security guards will enhance your front gate image, with their smart uniform, alertness & help in establishing good customer relations.

  • 2. Help in prevention of theft/damage to property & will function as a profit centre instead of cost centre.

  • 3. Employee discipline will improve. Thus improve producity.

  • 4. Quality and cost effective security services.

  • 5. ESI, PF, Insurance and other statutory requirements will be taken cars of by TSS.
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